Farewell To You. There Will Be Other Times.

21 Feb

This will likely be the last post on Run Up The Score, and pursuant to Section 538.3 of the Bloggers’ Code, I am required to give you the internet version of a teary goodbye.

Over the past three years, it’s safe to say that I’ve dedicated thousands of hours to Run Up The Score.  How awesomely sad is that?  It’s been a labor of love, as any blog always is.  In return for the effort, I have built friendships and acquired points of view that I otherwise would never have discovered.  This has been a wonderfully therapeutic (and necessary) creative outlet for me, and it would not have been possible without the constant feedback and participation of the 500,000+ visitors that have wandered through here since May, 2007 — and even more, going back to the old Blogspot site.  As anybody who ever made a true attempt at blogging will tell you, it’s very difficult to keep seeing “No Comments” next to posts during the first weeks and even months of running a blog.  Every reader comment is a fractional but noticeable kick in the pants for a writer, especially in those blogging salad days, and there’s really no substitute for knowing that you wrote something interesting enough to provoke even more interesting responses.

Thank you for everything.  Let’s do this again sometime.